Babel - Review

It has been three years since Mumford & Sons released their debut album Sigh No More and introduced indie-folk/Nu-folk (as some call it) into our stream of consciousness. Whilst that infamous difficult second album is...well difficult to perfect, Mumford & Sons have produced an effort which makes it seem as if they have been making music for over a decade.
Launching into the first upbeat song, title track Babel is a promising start for what's to follow this folksy wonder. The line between Sigh No More and Babel are significantly blurred on the opening track - some might say this is genius as in one sense it's sort of like a soft, gentle transition between the debut and its successor (for want of a better word).
I'm not a fan of every song on the album, however there's only a couple of songs I actually dislike. Adding to the band's credibility this is an album you can't go wrong with purchasing. Highlights from the record are: Whispers In The Dark, Holland Road, Hopeless Wanderer and (my favourite so far) Broken Crown. Oh and we can't forget I Will Wait, which has already received a considerable amount of airplay.
Overall this isn't an album which is going to change your life (second albums rarely do), although it is something pretty special which will go down a treat with existing fans of the band. There is a chance that Babel will even attract some new fans.
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