Playlist of the week

As usual my playlist is all over the place. Recently I've discovered some artists (that I hadn't heard before) and I'm hooked on them already. When looking for new music, I generally follow the recommendations of fellow bloggers/twitter users. I find this incredibly beneficial as we have similar musical tastes, therefore they always recommend something brilliant.

Here's the music that has been gracing my playlist, over the past week:

  • Eugene McGuinness
I found out about this artist via Lauren who has a slight obsession with the man. A self confessed "Beatles fanboy" Eugene has cited The Beatles and The Kinks as two of his inspirations for making music; This is clearly reflected within his records. The 60's vibe stands out above all, declaring this Eugene a firm favourite of mine.

Download - Harlequinade, Blue Jeans, A Girl Whom My Eyes Shine For

  • Ben Howard
Admittedly I have a thing for male singers who play guitar. Ben Howard is no exception to this. I've been listening to him for a while now, as I'll be seeing him at V Festival next month. His lyrics are alarmingly accurate. His debut album Every Kingdom is a rare treasure. I've mentioned this particular artist in way too many blog posts recently, I'll stop now I promise.

Download - Black Flies, Old Pine, The Wolves, Only Love, The Fear

  • Best Coast
I first heard about this band via a teacher of mine, and I've seen many reviews in magazines about them. Not too long ago I decided to find out what the hype is all about - I was not disspaointed. Ultimately they're a rock band, but if you listen closely you can hear underlayers of folk.

Download - The Only Place, Last Year, Why I Cry, Boyfriend, How They Want Me To Be