What I've been listening to this week

1. The Smiths - Hatful Of Hollow

I love this album more than life itself. In fact if albums were people; this would be me in album form. Some people have said in the past that Morrissey's lyrics are "too political" however I think they're perfection. This album was originally released on 12th November 1984 through record company Rough Trade, and reached #7 on the UK Albums Chart, where it stayed for 46 weeks in total. In my opinion the best tracks on the album are: This Charming Man, Hand in Glove, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now and Girl Afraid.
Get this album in your life asap.

2. Arctic Monkeys - Humbug

The third album was an unexpected treat, that crept up on fans. Controversial, at best, this was as album that didn't really follow a concept or sound pattern to the previous two. Many fans were put off by it's mysterious sound, when in reality it's a gem. You have to listen to it a few times for the songs to sink into your soul, but when that's complete you've lost yourself in a brilliant maze of lyricism that you'll never forget, or escape from. This is the record that changed my life. I love this album almost as much as the one mentioned above. The reasons why I love it is because it does it's own thing, by showing progress in a unique way whilst clutching that vibe, that originally lured us into the world of Arctic Monkeys. The best tracks on this album are: Crying Lightening, Secret Door, Cornerstone and Dance Little Liar. Humbug was released on Domino Records in 2009.

3. The Vaccines - No Hope

After a whirlwind promotional tour, and tour dates with major bands such as Arctic Monkeys - The Vaccines have truly made a name for themselves now. No Hope marks the progress that has been made since we last heard them on b-side 'Tiger Blood' which was appropiately produced by The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr. 'No Nope' definitely has a Strokes vibe about it, but we're not here to draw comparisons. The Vaccines second album 'The Vaccines Come Of Age' is set for release on September 3rd on Columbia records