Next Big Thing - Buzzards

Buzzards are the hottest, young band on the rise in Essex right now. The indie four piece, have recently released their self titled debut EP. This can be heard on soundcloud and the tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Rose Petals
  2. Picnic For Two
  3. Pick Of The Prey
  4. I Don't Like You
  5. Lightning Bolts Kill Me
Lively 'Rose Petals' gives off a summery vibe which would go down a storm, with festival crowds. With lyrics like "I can't grow stems for you" it's definitely a tune you won't forget in a while. However this band have a sound which potentially means comparisons to Arctic Monkeys could arise. Especially on this track, which shares similarities with 'Fluorescent Adolescent'. The difference is still evident though.

Tracks such as 'Picnic For Two' and 'I Don't Like You' conjure a similar feel to The Libertines' music. I don't know whether The Libertines are an influence of Buzzards, but if yes then it clearly shows through their work. My personal highlights of the EP are 'Lightning Bolts Kill Me' and 'Pick Of The Prey'. "An alibi was never enough to shield us" it's lyrics like this which (dare I say it) ensures the boys are almost as good as Noel Gallagher himself (in terms of song writing). The song is absolutely brilliant, with serial killer riffs and catchy melodies. This is another that you won't be able to forget in a hurry.

Despite being unsigned to a record company, Buzzards have played many gigs in Colchester and the surrounding areas. This weekend they played a gig at Colchester's Jubilee Festival, along with recent shows at Tin Pan Alley, and Tom Peppers. If you'd like to see them live (I suggest you do) Buzzards will be playing gigs in The Judge and Jury Colchester on June 7th, and Golden Fleece, Chelmsford on August 3rd. Alternatively you can hear them exclusively on Letfield Retro Wivenhoe Radio Show on June 11th from 11am. Don't miss it.

They may not have been around for long, but someday you should expect these guys to achieve great things. It wouldn't suprise me if they became indie icons of the next generation, gracing the cover of NME countless times, and headlining Reading & Leeds festival. Challenge accepted.

The members of Buzzards are as follows:

  • George King - Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Toby Redgrave - Bass, Backing vocals
  • Jake Leonard - Lead Guitar
  • Liam Masters - Drums, Backing Vocals

Are Buzzards the greatest band Essex has produced EVER? Click the links below to sample their music and you can decide for yourself.

Or if you'd like to follow the band and keep in contact with them you can find them through the links below.!/