My Big Thing: Spector

Spector are much more than 'just a band'. The five piece from East London have already received comparisons to Pulp and The Strokes in particular. Their debut album 'Enjoy it while it lasts' is set for release on August 13th, and on their website they have been described as "nothing you haven't seen before", but in all honesty I think there's truly something special about them.

The band contributes to their surrounding hype, by naming themselves after one of the greatest record producers of all time. However it could be seen that this added pressure foreshadows that these lads (with their charm and punchy lyricism) will achieve big things in the future.
Signed to Luv Luv Luv records, so far we have heard singles such as Chevy Thunder, Celestine, Never Fade Away and Grey Shirt & Tie. Whilst Grey Shirt & Tie translates as a murky mysterious journey, through the subconscious of frontman Fred's mind. Lead single Chevy Thunder has a sort of 'what you see is what you get' vibe about it. With lyrics like "I hear your voice and centuries of misery can't stop me" Celestine cruises along a similar wavelength as that of Chevy Thunder - this is a band that has the likability factor stamped firmly on them.

Spector's frontman (Fred Macpherson) gives off a lovable yet cheeky vibe - just like the music - that leaves you in a trance of suspense, wondering what he'll do next. Despite appearing in various indie bands previously, here at Rock Revolver we believe Spector is the band that will see Fred finally conquer the musical world, whilst crowds fall madly in love with him (obviously).

The members of Spector are:
  • Fred Macpherson - Vocals
  • Christopher Burnman - Guitar
  • Thomas Shickle - Bass
  • Jed Cullen - Synth and Guitar
  • Danny Blandy - Drums

You can check out Spector's music by clicking the following links:



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