Guest blogger: Lauren Jones

Guest bloggers are a fantastic idea, as they really make a difference to your blog. They add a refreshing difference and diversity. Here's my first guest blogger's post.

I asked Lauren of The Music Manual to write a post for me on anything (music related) that she liked. Here's what she came up with: Ten songs that you think are alright but not given much thought too.

 1. How do I end this? - The Rascals

The lyrics make this crafted beauty a personal perfection topped of with it's melodramatic melodies and filled scouse licks - thanks to the wonder of Miles Kane.

 2. Ghost Town - The Specials
Get your reggae 80's music clash and eerie sounds and an old keyboard you'd find in an old people home and there you have a Ghost Town. I mean, the percussion, strings and wind are all very well together but carefully mixing the completely different reggae with a hint of Egyptian mummy music... Unless that's just me. Oh If you've watched Shaun of the dead, you'll just think of the film all the way through listening.

3. Roll Over Beethoven - The Beatles

Okay, okay, damn that scouser having to mention the Beatles but honestly, roll over Beethoven is classic rock 'n' roll... If you're into that but, even if it's not your 'thing' listen and be blown away by a totally bare Beatles song, almost untouched by the big Beatle tourist name, used to draw people in... No yellow submarine's here!
 4. 7 - Arctic Monkeys

Good old arctics from a baby Al Turner proves his cleverly crafted words which seem completely simple until you lie on bed and sing the song within your head, questioning what It means and whether old is better than new? Who knows, the guitar rift is catchy as fuck and let's face it, beautiful.

5. Songbird - Oasis

Yeah, some people will disagree but I love this. Completely down to earth, stripped back song, without the typical oasis criticism which some venomous songs radiate. If I was to be honest I love this song to death and imaging someone singing it to me goes to the bottom of my spine sending shivers, probably best if you're a hopeless romantic, like myself...

6. Give Peace A Chance - John Lennon

I don't know the full extent of the way I feel about being obsessed over this song. It's a simple beat, powerful message, a lot of words mumbled by John and a chorus of the title, over and over again.

7. Irrational Anthem -Eugene + The Lizards 
 Perfect. Perfect. Perfecccct. Eugene pours his hmpf and man power into this song, creating a sea of unknown pleasures from anyone who has listened. Just yeah woah.

8. After Hours - We Are Scientists

After hours has one of those addictive tunes which you remember over and over in your head, bringing a new outlook to your listening of We are scientists, try and compare this song with something around now and you almost can't find a perfect twin of the song, this proves the ability and sheer amazing powers of the band. Bit of a slow one compared to others on their Brain Thrust Mastery album though.

9. Rape Me - Nirvana

Let's beat around the bush; yes the title clearly says 'rape me'. It's fucking brilliant. Cobain, yet again brings his unique voice to this song with a dark meaning and twisted it on it's head. No wannabe Nirvana followers will know this song, as its just too brilliant for them to handle.

10. Electricity - Arctic Monkeys

Asdfghjkl. The Sheffield accent is almost over run by heavy music, yet it complements it perfectly, it's a dark sound with an almost sarky twist in the words, that roll of the Turner's tongue. Happy listening whilst orgasming.

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