Albums You Need In Your Life

So far 2012 has been a great year for music, and this is a trend that is set to continue. Already we have seen albums released from:
  • Tribes (Baby)
  • The Enemy (Streets In The Sky)
  • The Maccabees (Given To The Wild)
  • Pulled Apart By Horses (Tough Love)
  • Graham Coxon (A+E)
  • Alt-J (An Awesome Wave)
  • The Cribs (In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull)
  • Paul Weller (Sonik Kicks)
  • Howler (America Give Up)
We have also heard EP's released specially for RSD (Record Store Day) from contributing artists such as: Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane & Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Each of those records (respectively) are incredible.

There are many albums that are set for release within the latter half of the year. Here's my guide to what's being released, when and what to expect.

 1. Mumford & Sons (Babel)

This is a band whose second album has been eagerly anticipated, since release of their debut album (Sigh No More) back in 2009. The band decided to shun mainstream festivals to stage their own festival 'Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover' this summer. With dates in Huddersfield and Galway this is a festival, that has seen the folk four piece showcase new tracks as well as old favourites, for the mighty crowds.
Band member Ben Lovett has stated that "We've found it hard getting off the road and into the studio" which is an explanation as to why it's taken three years, for their second album to be announced. However we believe the 'difficult second album' will be their best yet.

2. Miles Kane (TBA)

After 2011's (Colour Of The Trap) was released, Miles is a man who has only gone from strength to strength. Miles has supported his close friends Arctic Monkeys at their headline gigs all over the world, as well as supporting Kasabian throughout their UK tour late last year. However he has played shows of his own back in April (this year) and is now circulating the festivals, armed with brand new tracks: Women's Touch and The First Of My Kind, these are weapons scouser Kane uses to his advantage, and will be featured on the second record. An official release date for the album has yet to be announced, although rumours have spread that it will be sometime in the autumn. Watch this space for updates. Follow him on twitter @mileskanemusic

3. Jessie Ware (Devotion)

A newcomer when it comes to the music industry, Jessie Ware first came to our attention a few years ago, when her vocals were featured on a track by producer SBTRKT. Since then EP's have been released and tracks such as Running and 110% have received a considerable amount of radio play. This is an underground artist that you need to keep a close eye on, as it won't be long before she's everywhere. You can purchase Jessie's album on August 20th from all major retailers, and online stores. Follow her on twitter @Jessie_Ware

4. Muse (The 2nd Law)

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited for Muse's sixth studio album The 2nd Law to be released in September. A psychedelic substance, the band's new record has already divided fans due to their use of dubstep beats in the fresh teaser trailer. Tinged with contrast this is an album from Muse that will be like no other. Although elements from previous albums will linger slightly, they'll be taking a smaller role in this production; this is more of an experimental album than anything else. Hardcore Muse fans will undoubtedly love it, as for the rest of the fans well...they will have to suck it and see.

5. The XX (Coexist)

What is it with artists and second albums this year? 2012 will be known as the year that all those brilliant second albums were released. The XX contribute to the mix with their long awaited second album Coexist which is set for release on September 10th. Recording began on this album in November last year, and the band have since said that the album title is all about "lost love - from exes or the person you're with now" so should we expect an album of love tracks? Band member Romy has spoken "A lot of it is still personal, but I've been a bit more inspired by things that have happened to other people and putting myself in their shoes. But they're all love songs and some of them are sadder than others". Yes would be the answer to my earlier question. Contrast seems to be a theme which threads throughout all artists, releasing second albums this year. However that's not necessarily a bad thing. You can catch The XX playing Bestival on September 7th, days before the release of their record. That should be an interesting show.

6. Spector (Enjoy It While It Lasts)

"We want to expose the bullshit in the music industry" Well that's quite a heavy ambition coming from frontman Fred Macpherson, but we have faith that he'll attain this desire anyway. NME have described Fred as "Indie's wittiest comeback kid" and Spector themselves have added to the hype (sort of) by dubbing themselves "Nothing you haven't seen before". There's a lot of focus on the five piece to smash it, when their debut album is released on August 13th (available to pre order now). They'll do it. With existing tracks such as Celestine and Chevy Thunder already gracing our iPods it would be difficult for them not to make it.

7. Dog Is Dead (All Our Favourite Stories)

Announced only yesterday, the debut album from Nottingham's hottest rockers has been a long time coming - a release has finally been announced, to their fans delight. The album will be available to purchase from the autumn, however we don't have a specific date yet. All in good time. Huw Stephens broke the news last night on his radio show, that the band are also releasing their single Glockenspiel Song on July 23rd. You need to get this band in your life - they're fab.